The Mello Family

Caleb, Terrah, Levi, Chloe & Lily

We are originally from Tallahassee, Florida, USA, ​and have served as cross-cultural ministry ​workers in Knysna, South Africa since 2016. ​

Our ministry, alongside the Knysna Hope church​-planting team, is primarily to leverage business​ and music for the sake Christ’s name among the​ nations. As we help plant and strengthen gospel​-centered local churches, we seek to mobilise the​ South African church to the mission of God. ​

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As a registered Non-Profit Organisation in South ​Africa, Knysna Hope’s mission is to be a platform ​for building redemptive relationships, through ​edifying and equipping initiatives and leadership ​development, in order to plant and grow biblical ​churches.

Caleb serves as the Chief Operations Officer for ​Knysna Hope, while Terrah coordinates multiple ​outreach initiatives, particularly through music ​education (especially at Riverwood School) and ​our teen girls ministry.

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Cornerstone Fellowship Church was started from ​a bible study in our home and through an organic ​process of growing together, a new, gospel-​centered local church was born. Cornerstone’s ​mission is to glorify God by being disciples who​ make disciples of all nations.

Caleb serves as one of Cornerstone’s elders ​(sermons available via the church website ​below), Terrah helps with the ladies and children’s ​ministries, and together we lead the worship ​service and develop our church’s music ministry.

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Our ministry in South Africa depends entirely on financial ​support from individuals and organisations. Any size gift is ​crucially important, but we are in particular need of ​committed monthly support. We would be honored to ​partner with you in this effort.

* Global Service Network is member of the Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability ​(EFCA) which serves as a monitoring agency to ensure that non-profit Christian ministries ​maintain the highest ethical standards. Voluntary ECFA membership requires full financial ​disclosure and the exercise of sound fundraising practices.

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Caleb WhatsApp +27 (79) 837-7752

Caleb USA +1 (850) 291-2309

Terrah WhatsApp +27 (79) 809-9895

USA Mailing Address

902 Texas Ave

Lynn Haven, FL 32444

South Africa Mailing Address

13 Caroline Crescent

Rexford, Knysna 6571

Western Cape, South Africa

Sending Church

First Baptist Church

Tallahassee, Florida, USA